Mystery Shopping


Businesses have to
“Inspect What They Expect.”

The level and quality of service you deliver to your customers in today’s economy is vital to your business’ success. Your customers’ total experiences dictate whether your company will succeed or fail. In today’s economy, there is no room for error.

The DBC Group’s Mystery Shoppers provide an objective, anonymous, third-party assessment of your staff’s sales and customer service performance. Mystery Shopping provides your management team the information they need to ensure that your expectations for your customer’s experience are carried out in every customer interaction.

At The DBC Group, we hire typical shoppers to secretly shop your business unbeknownst to your employees. Your business will get a detailed report based on a customized set of criteria.

We understand that our mystery shoppers are also our clients and our most important commodity. Our mystery shoppers feel like they are a part of our company. Through consistent direct contact, we instill in them a high level of personal accountability and pride that their feedback is important.

Can you afford not to use
The DBC Group?

The purpose of mystery shoppers is to help businesses increase sales by assisting in improving customer service awareness. Our services provide businesses with an unbiased opinion of how they are perceived by their customers.

Mystery Shoppers assists you in identifying what brings your customers back or what drives them away.

Results don’t happen by accident. Companies that create consistently exceptional customer experiences do not succeed because they always keep better people or offer better products at lower prices; they succeed because they build carefully aligned systems that everyone in the organization uses to measure, manage and improve the customer experience.

When aligned properly with other measurement and management tools, mystery shop results can reliably predict customer satisfaction and future sales. A mystery shopping program managed by The DBC Group will help your company focus and improve on the specific behaviors that will create customer delight and positively impact sales and profitability. ­



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