DBC Model Test

DBC Model Test


  • We are based out of Michigan
  • We have been in business since 2000
  • We are one of the country’s largest promotional modeling agencies
  • We specialize in brand representation in the beverage industry
  • We provide a very unique scheduling platform which allows you to work when and where you want
  • We give you the ability to make as little or as much money as you would like
  • We provide you hands on access to schedule yourself for upcoming events 24 hours a day
  • We are growing bigger and bigger every day!


  • Brand Ambassador – that’s you!  A person (model) that attends events on behalf of DBC to promote brands of liquor
  • Event – the promotion of a brand of liquor (product) at a bar/restaurant/store in which our brand ambassadors interact with customers, offer samples and hand out swag
  • Recap – a form and pictures describing an event, completed by the brand ambassador at the end of each event
  • Status – you agree and understand that you are NOT an employee of DBC, your status IS an independent sub-contractor


  • Wi-Fi – DBC requires that you have access to the internet in order to receive information via email and complete recaps on the DBC website
  • Good working camera – you are required to take interactive pictures to upload with the event recap
  • Reliable transportation – you are responsible for providing your own transportation to and from your scheduled events.
  • Cell phone – DBC will call/text you throughout the week.  You must you have reliable communication
  • Working and reliable GPS – you will be given the name and address of your upcoming events. It is your responsibility to be at the correct location at the correct time
  • Always keep your online profile address updated! Packages and paychecks are sent to the address we have on file for you


  • A brand ambassador will receive a package for every event with the necessary supplies to execute that event. If you are scheduled to work with more than one brand ambassador please reach out to your team members to confirm kit has been received by one of you.
  • The kit should arrive a few days prior to the event – be on the look out for the kit!
  • The kit should be opened, and you and your team should familiarize yourselves with the contents of the kit. If there are any questions about the kit, or you have not received the kit three days before your event, you should contact you area manager
  • All kits are shipped via UPS.
  • To track your kits create a ups account.  Visit the link https://www.ups.com/us/en/Home.page


  • Promo verification form (PVF)
  • Model request form (MRF)
  • Spend check (to purchase the product with)
  • Sampling cups
  • Swag (depending on brand or program)


  • The promo verification form should give to the manager when you arrive to your event, ensure they complete the form at the end of the event and return the form back to you.
  • You should only fill in your name at the top of the form – the manager should complete the remainder of the form.
  • The times listed on the form should reflect your exact arrival and departure times – not the event times!


The model request form contains the details of the event such as the date, time, venue location, specific brand name of the sampling product and notes.

*The MRF contains everything you need to know for your event*

  • Venue – the location of the event
  • Program – the type of event (on or off premise)
  • Brand – the specific requested bottle being sampled. The number of bottles to be sampled will need to be purchased at the event
  • Time – the time you must be at the event, and for how long – you must remain at the event for the number of hours required
  • Models needed – the number of models working your event (i.e. your team).  The names of team members and their contact information is located at the bottom of the form
  • Notes – special instructions about your event – the notes will mention to purchase a bag of ice and specific mixers, as well as how to serve or prepare the samples


  • Supplies
    • Folding table – 48” L x 24” W
    • Black table cloth (must be cloth material)
    • Ice bucket large enough to hold 3 liquor bottles
    • At least one trash bucket/bag
    • Drink pourers
  • *Replacement supplies will be deducted from your paycheck if needed*
  • You are responsible for supplying your own table.  They can be purchased at local stores such as Walmart or Meijer for under $30.


  • All attire should be in good condition, should not contain any logos or wording unless it is DBC approved, and should not be considered inappropriate as you are representing our company
  • Black pants
  • Black shirt or blouse
  • Black dress or skirt
  • Black heels, boots or flats
  • Hair should be down
  • You should be in full makeup


  • If scheduled with another person please be sure to coordinate your attire before your event.


  • Read your MRF beforehand
  • Do your brand research… you should be knowledgeable about the product being sampled
  • You are a salesperson! Push the brand to increase sales – the more we sell the more important we are to our customers!
  • Review your schedule on the DBC website
  • Know who your team members are and find their contact information
  • Contact your team members to verify the kit has been received, coordinate attire and decide where you will meet prior to the event


  • State minimum is the state set price for the lowest amount the products can be sold for.

    • Individual retailers can choose to sell products for more but no less
    • The budget for samplings is based off of state minimum pricing, therefore retailers are required to sell products for sampling purposes at state minimum pricing, regardless of their list prices.
    • We encourage you to ask retailers if they are selling at state minimum. 
    • Before your event, you can visit the Michigan or Ohio link to verify the state minimum pricing for the products of your sampling.

    *This price list gets updated and changed quarterly

Click on your state link for more information.





  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early with your table, kit & supplies
  • Walk in to the venue and ask for a manager
  • Introduce yourself and explain why you are there
  • Give the manager your promo verification form and check to purchase the necessary product, including mixers (if stated in the MRF notes) and a bag of ice
  • Ask for a receipt after the purchase is made and take a photo of the receipt using your phone (to use in your recap)
  • Ask the manager where you should set up & for additional bottles to set out and display on your table.
  • Set up your table and product accordingly (do not throw away bottle caps)


  • Interact with every customer, educating them about the product your are sampling
  • Check the customer’s id to verify legal drinking age before giving them a sample
  • Only provide samples within the state’s legal limit.
    • Michigan – 1/3 ounce
    • Ohio – 1/4 ounce ($.50 charge)
    • Pennsylvania – 1/4 ounce
    • ** ask your area manager for your state’s sampling limit if unsure
  • Customers are allowed up to 3 samples per event
  • Do not pre-pour or pre-make samples
  • Take minimum of 3 photos-One of you and your table display, 2 additional photos of customers sampling with brand presence


  • Pack up your table no earlier and not later than stated on your MRF
  • Return the extra bottles borrowed for display to the manager
  • Ensure the PVF is signed by the manager and returned to you
  • You must take remaining product home with you to keep, or pour it out before leaving the venue – do not leave open, purchased product at the venue!
  • Within 48 hours, submit your event recap on the DBC website – it should contain your 3 photos, signed PVF and photos of receipts
    • Only one team member needs to submit the event recap – submitting the event recap allows DBC to pay your team for the event





  • No table display is needed!
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early with your kit
  • Walk in to the venue and ask for a manager
  • Introduce yourself and explain why you are there
  • Give the manager your promo verification form and check to purchase the necessary product
  • Ask for a receipt after the purchase is made and take a photo of the receipt using your phone (to use in your recap)
  • Give the bartender/manager your sample cups from your kit to set up bar trays (DBC will supply you with one bar try initially upon hire – replacement trays are $5.00)


  • Walk around the venue with the complimentary samples
  • Interact with customers – ask questions like, “how did it taste?”, and “which one do you prefer?”
  • Hand out complimentary swag with product sampling – do not hand out all swag in the first 20 minutes (make it last as long as possible)!
  • Take a minimum of 5 photos at every event-make sure all staff members are present in at least one photo.
  • Be sure to include brand presence in every photos. Feel free to get creative!


  • Ensure the PVF is signed by the manager and returned to you
  • Within 48 hours, submit your event recap on the DBC website – it should contain your 5 photos, signed PVF and photos of receipts
    • Only one team member needs to submit the event recap – submitting the event recap allows DBC to pay your team for the event
  • Due to State Laws NO PRODUCT is to EVER be taken from the venue


  • TAM (Techniques of Alcohol Management)
    • It is a seller/server training. TAM gives owners, managers, and staff the tools they need to be safe and responsible retailers of beverage alcohol. TAM® is an educational program developed by the licensed beverage industry in conjunction with liquor control, law enforcement, highway safety and substance abuse organizations.
    • Website: http://tamusa.org
    • Cost: $30 payable on website
    • Class: Online
  • MLCC (Michigan Liquor Control Commission)
    • The Michigan Salesperson License Accreditation Program is a legal requirement for all salespeople of beer and wine in the State of Michigan. It is managed by the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association.
    • Website: https://mbwwasaleslicense.org/
    • Cost: $70.00
      • $25.00 online using promo code DBC2018 for discounted rate
      • $35.00 required by the state which we will process for you… you may pay DBC either by check/money order payable to – DBC AMERICA L.L.C., or we will deduct it from your paycheck for you.
  • Keep certifications on you at all times during work events!
  • If unsure what licensing you need, ask your area manager which state licensing is required for you
  • You are required to begin the process of obtaining your certifications immediately upon hire.


  • Recaps are managed on a separate website from your scheduling website
    • The URL can be found on the 2nd page of the DBC policy & procedures
      • mydbc1.com
      • Login info will be provided to you upon hire
  • Review the corresponding recap type (e.g. Off-Premise) before your event to know what questions and feedback will be asked of you
  • All recaps must be completed within 48 hrs

During your event, be on the lookout for these items which will be asked on your recap:

  • Total interactions?
  • Total consumers sampled?
  • % males, % females?
  • Age group?
  • Ethnicity?
  • Featured drinks?
  • Price per drink? Per bottle?
  • How many bottles does the store have?
  • Customer feedback?
  • REMINDER: All recaps must be completed within 48 hrs


  • You will be paid twice a month. Events worked the 1st-15th are paid on the 22nd of that month. Events worked the 16th-end of the month are paid on the 7th of the following month. I.e. January 1-15th -Paid January 22nd. January 16-30th -Paid February 7th
  • All paychecks are mailed through USPS. Once mailed, the delivery time is out of our control. We cannot reissue paychecks until 21 days after the payable date.
  • We do not offer direct deposit
  • Your paycheck will be mailed to the address in your profile
    • Always keep your profile address up to date
  • Starting Pay is $19 an hour-you are an independent contractor, so no taxes are taken out.
  • Raises are based partially off of performance. Other factors reviewed are the amount you work, your dedication and your experience. No raises will be considered until both certifications are complete.
  • Due to your status as an independent contractor, it is your responsibility to keep all pay stubs on file until tax time.
    Your paystubs are your only “earning records.”  Your 1099 is sent out by January 30th. every year.
    DBC cannot provide any additional reports to correspond with your 1099.


Below are expenses you can write off against your wages made with DBC. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS to submit to your tax preparer.

  • Gas
  • Oil change
  • Car repairs
  • Insurance
  • Tax depreciation (lease payments)
  • Internet
  • Off premise supplies (ice bucket, decorations, table, etc.)
  • Office supplies required (computer, binder, backpack, etc.)
  • Health insurance premium
  • 50% meals
  • Hair Care
  • Makeup
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Nail care
  • Cell phone


  • Once scheduled, you cannot remove yourself from an event
  • Once you are scheduled for an event, you are committed to working the event
  • If you are unable to work an event due to an emergency, please call the event assistance as soon as possible – do not text or email!
  • If we find a replacement to cover you at the event, it is your responsibility to get the kit to that person
  • If running late for an event,  call event assistance for awareness and provide your arrival time for the event


  • The following are phone numbers you should have with you at all times
    • Event assistance (use if after 4pm on weekdays or on weekends)
    • DBC office
    • Your area manager (available weekdays 8:30am – 4:00pm)
  • Acceptable communication methods (except for cancellations): texting, calling or emailing


  • Once hired and have completed the “hiring training module”, you will be required to shadow a brand ambassador on an event before working an event on your own
  • Your shadowing time will be one hour and you do not get paid for this time


Please take your time to thoroughly read the information above and complete this 15 question test. You will be given a maximum of 3 opportunities to successfully complete the test. Once completed (Pass or Fail) someone from our office will be in contact with you.